The Future of Sincerity

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The-Future-of-Sincerity-coverimageThe future, circa 2042, when a man proposes to his girlfriend and she reveals a deep family secret.

Production Details

25 minutes
1M, 1F
Sedona, AZ. Overlooking a red stone vortex.

October 2013, The Warner Theater


Production History

May 2014
St Petersburg, FL
Live recording and broadcast, as produced by the The Studio@620 WMNF Radio Theater Project.
October 2013
Torrington, CT
Featured performance at the 2013 Warner International Playwrights Festival, produced by The Warner Theatre.
April 2013
Minneapolis, MN
Published in Freshwater Theatre’s Back to High School: An Anthology of One Acts for High School Performance anthology.
February 2013
Houston, TX
Performance at the UpStage Theatre 4th Annual Comedy Festival.
August 2012
Morgantown, WV
First performed by the Seven Stories New Play Festival at the Monongalia Arts Center, as directed by Joey Madia.

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