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detainee-coverDrama, two acts, 90 min, 3F/2M.

Detainee is a play about a decision — whether or not to torture a US citizen.

Lindsey is a middle-aged college professor who drives a middle-aged van and lives in a middle-aged house. She’s a middle-aged Mom with a middle-aged husband. She also has middle-aged problems, mostly stemming from her wayward teenage daughter, with whom she has a strained relationship.

Outside of home, Lindsey has another problem. The United States is reeling from a string of domestic bomb threats. But when the threats turn real, and the first bomb explodes, Lindsey is asked to return to her former identity. And ultimately Lindsey must choose between allegiance to country and the sanctity of her home.

At the core of Detainee is a story which delves into the psychology of one woman balancing devotion to family against devotion to society.

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Everything’s Free!

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everything's-free!-coverimageDrama, 75 min, 3M/2F.

Tyler and Mackenzie have just moved to the big city to chase their dreams. But life isn’t going quite as expected. Trying to make it on their own is hard. And expensive. And being poor isn’t very fun.

All that is about to change, however. The financial spirit guide of Tyler’s only friend arrives with a strange and mysterious offer – a credit card which can be used anywhere, for any amount, and doesn’t require any payment.

Some conditions apply.

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In Congress with the Night

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in-congress-with-the-night-coverDrama, three acts, 90 minutes, 4M/1F.

A father sees his underage son thieve the family car for a midnight joyride only to learn later that the car was part of a vehicular homicide.

When children murder other children, who in society bears the true blame?

Amidst the crumbling artifice of suburbia, In Congress with the Night follows a father and mother wrestling with the fallout of a series of events that resulted in the killing of another child, and with their decision whether or not to turn their own child over to the police.

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Lottery Play

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lottery-play-coverComedic, two acts, 80 min, 4M/3F.

What would happen if you won the lottery and then lost the lottery and then won the lottery again…all on the same card?

Bob Sherman is the owner of a small carpet cleaning business which is long on laughs and short on profit. After Bob scratches off a winning state lottery card, he prepares to claim the big prize, but a mishap destroys the card, spurring schemes of desperation. When a way appears to revive the card back to life, Bob and his family must reconcile if winning it all is truly the American Dream.

And what happens next is anyone’s luck.

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Modern Prophet

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modern-prophet-coverSeriocomic, Two acts, 95 minutes, 2M/2F.

Against the backdrop of the Minnesota sand mining boom, an energy scavenger and his sister arrive at the river headwaters just east of Jordan. They soon learn they are not alone. A strange man roams the woods at night. He claims he carries the power of God.

Modern Prophet explores the nature of belief and steps into the crossroads where God’s will ends and human divinity begins.

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Selection Day

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Selection Day-coverimageDrama, two acts, 85 minutes, 4M/2F.

In the very near future, the best of the best college-bound students are selected for the Future Leader of America. Athletes, inventors and teen overachievers consider selection the ultimate honor.

Four young students from four different backgrounds arrive at the testing center. But they soon discover this is no ordinary selection.

A play about Big Data and people you don’t know who want to know everything about you.

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Shooter-coverimageDrama, two acts, 80 minutes, 5M/1F.

On a sunny weekday afternoon Jim Bender stands in front of the local high school. Jim sees a teenage boy lurch towards the school entrance, two shotguns beneath a trench coat. In a moment’s decision Jim brandishes his own firearm and shoots the teenage boy. Jim Bender stops a shooter-massacre before it happens. Jim Bender is a hero.

But then people learn the truth. And the truth is not what they need it to be.

Shooter asks: are today’s shooter-massacres the result of a malformed and destabilized male identity? With each and every violent shooter-massacre carried out by a man, Shooter questions the relationship of today’s gun violence to a crisis of the male identity. Do men know how to behave like men anymore?

What will happen to men?

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What Happened to the Dollar

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what-happened-to-the-dollar-coverSerio-comic, two acts, 95 minutes, 3M/2F.

A team of online gamers creates a virtual currency that turns into real-world money, destabilizes global banking, and crashes the U.S. dollar.

A take on the Federal Reserve in honor of its centennial.

With laughs.

Details & Production History

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