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Shooter-coverimageShooter explores the correlation of our gun culture to the fragile state of the male identity. Shooter tells the story of three long-time friends and a prevented high school shooting.

On a sunny weekday afternoon, Jim Bender sees a teenage boy approach the entrance of the local high school carrying rifles beneath a trench coat. Jim pulls his own firearm, stopping a shooter-massacre before it happens. Jim Bender is a hero. But as the full story is revealed, this truth becomes a lot less clear – and that is not what people need it to be.

Shooter asks: are today’s shooter-massacres the result of a malformed and destabilized male identity?

With each violent shooter-massacre carried out by a man, Shooter questions the relationship of not just our gun culture to the male identity but also of how men fail each other when they need each other most.

Reviews, NYC, March 2018

  • New York Critic – “Skillfully written play…Katrin Hilbe directs the show meticulously…Ean Sheehy gives a terrific performance…exposing the character’s journey with focus and clarity.”
  • Berkshire Fine Arts – “masterfully weaves dramatic moments together…riveting drama focuses attention on an issue of crucial importance in our world.”
  • Exeunt – “Shooter makes a lot of smart choices when it comes to dealing with its subject.”
  • Clyde Fitch Report – “interrogates both liberal and conservative points of view in earnest by focusing on the humanity of the issue…Shooter is not a quintessential NYC play.”

March 2018, TheaterLab NYC, world premiere

Production Details

Full-length, 90 minutes
Single set

Production History

Jan 2019, Europe European tour with the original NYC cast, with performances at TAK Theater Liechtenstein and then Theater Konstanz (Germany) before closing out at the American Theater Festival in Rome. Produced by ManyTracks, directed by Katrin Hilbe.
March 2018, NYC World and NYC premiere at Theaterlab as produced by ManyTracks and directed by Katrin Hilbe.
January 2017, NYC Presented read at The Workshop Theater as part of their Sundays@Six program, as arranged by Michael Gnat, and directed by Katrin Hilbe.

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