Theater Still Matters


November 11, 2016 by Sam Graber

I had sent this direct to several collaborators and was encouraged to post public. Because theater still matters.

Just in case you were sitting around your screen waiting for my instant ‘hot take’ in the aftermath of last night’s election…

So much of the confusion and shock is due to an outcome wildly different than expectations. It’s obvious that legacy mass news media has lost its persuasion and power. Consider that Trump received only one major news daily endorsement.

This all shows that democracy is very much alive. It still comes down to votes. Votes from individuals who are obviously having their truth and belief framed by sources that are NOT legacy mass news media. Call it fragmentation, call it multiple message streams, call it manic infomania, but there is no mainstream monolith framing the general public’s mindset, or at least getting it right.

Which means that theater very much still matters. The big stories on the small stage matter. We are part of framing the public’s mindset. We make permanent imprints on people’s souls. We shape and we influence. I take our role as theater artists very seriously and I am redoubling my commitment to that role.

I was born in Washington, DC and I’m proud to be from the United States. Instead of lamenting the election outcome and waiting for the world to end I am back at work to help make the country a better place.

I hope you join me.

One thought on “Theater Still Matters

  1. Hannah says:

    Thank you for your words.

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