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mONSTER-coverimageA play about the dark beginnings of the World Wide Web.

In a tiny and cramped college dorm room Nessa and Brill have just met as incoming freshman roommates. Nessa is bounding in energy, eager to conquer every party on campus, wanting to explore all the college experience has to offer. Brill meanwhile never leaves the room. Moreover, Brill never leaves her chair in their room, sitting before a strange digital workstation, emitting grunts of anguish at all times day and night. Nessa finds Brill’s constant presence unbearable and petitions Greg, their dorm RA, to move Brill as far away on campus as possible. But Brill won’t switch rooms. Because Brill can’t leave their room. There’s something very important that Brill is doing in this very particular room. And if Brill stops doing it, even for one minute, people will die.

mONSTER asks: is the culture of online hate a new form of human violence? Or has it always been the monster within us?.

Production Details

Full-length, 80 minutes
Single set

Production History

September 2017, Minneapolis, MN World premiere and mainstage performance at the Southern Theater as produced by Swandive Theatre, and directed by Meg DiSciorio.

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