Theater is still alive, just in different mediums. I’ve been busy writing and creating material that needs no physical performance space…

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Fall 2020 Doorsteps mainstage production and world premiere at University of Louisville (KY), Studio Theater, as directed by Jordan Lyons.
November 2020 The Field Guide To Mating production at F.E.S.T. in Frankfurt, Germany, as directed by Michael Wehrli.
August 2020 Good Corporate Citizen concert reading by Playzoomers, Boston, MA, as directed by Steve Yakutis.
August 2020 Talkback concert reading by CTP, Summer of Quarantine, New Sullivan Theater, Rockford, IL, as directed by Annette DeYoung.
June 2020 Detainee concert reading at The New Deal Creative Arts Center, Hyde Park, NY, as directed by David Perez-Ribada.
June 2020 Talkback concert reading by Playzoomers, Boston, MA, as directed by Stephen Benson.
June 2020 Ed & Larry Are Red concert reading by Playzoomers, Boston, MA, as directed by Jan Carpman.


Oct 2019 Detainee mainstage production and European premiere at FEST Frankfurt (Germany), as directed by Sabrina Lotz.
Dec 2019 Driving Herd performance at the Island Walk Event Center in Venice, FL as directed by Ron Longstreth.
May 2019 The Watchers NYC premiere at the Access Theater, as produced by The Memory Works Theater Company, and directed by Ethan Steers.
June 2019 Doorsteps excerpt presentation at the Queens Library, as presented by Johnny Culver and the Woodside Players of Queens, and directed by Vincent Scott.
March 2019 Don’t Hang Up performance at the Lincoln Theater Alliance (NE) 10-Minute Play Festival, as directed by Ceirra Austin.
March 2019 Summer Tough performance at the Queens Astoria as produced by the Equity Library Theater of New York, and directed by Vincent Scott.
March 2019 Shooter performance at The PEACC Center as produced by the Studio Theatre Company, University of Louisville (KY), and directed by Bailey Story.
Dec 2018 Don’t Hang Up performance at Indiana Wesleyan University, IN, as directed by Eily Hite.
Dec 2018 Don’t Hang Up performance at Seattle Pacific University, WA, Short Play Festival, as directed by Brooke Dawson.
Dec 2018 mONSTER NYC premiere! Mainstage performance at the Jewel Box Theater, W 36th Street, as produced by Between Us Productions, and directed by Samantha Manas. December 10-16. Stay tuned for more info on tickets!
Jan 2019 Shooter European tour with the original NYC cast, with performances at TAK Theater (Liechtenstein) and then Theater Konstanz (Germany) before closing out at the American Theater Festival in Rome (Italy). Produced by ManyTracks, directed by Katrin Hilbe.
Jan 2019 Don’t Hang Up performance at Niagara University (NY) short play festival, as directed by Alex Gentile.
Feb 2019 Unquestionable Evil performance at Ursuline Academy (MA) short play festival, as directed by Sabrina Nedder.
Oct 2018 Unquestionable Evil and To The NSA Agents Listening In On This Play performance at Roger Williams University, RI, as directed by Hayley Haggerty.
Oct 2018 Yours truly teaching another fun-filled and instructive seminar on script formatting at The Playwrights’ Center, MPLS.
Oct 2018 Final Copy featured performance at The Twilight Tower by The Pulp Stage, Portland, OR, as directed by Matt Haynes.
Nov 2018 Horny Bastards mainstage concert performance at International Human Rights Festival, the acclaimed NYC festival produced by Tom Block, which attracts some of the most heralded activists and artists from around the world. My play looks at the dangerous intersection of animal poaching in Africa and the sexual harassment of women in America.
Nov 2018 50 Ways… performance by Immediate Theatre Project at Valdosta University, GA, as directed by Aaron Moore.
Sept 2018 Summer Tough performance at the Etcetera Theatre, London, England, as directed by Stavros Symeonidis.
Sept 2018 Dust From The Attic new play premiere program featuring many of my never-before-heard scripts at The Phoenix Theater, Minneapolis, as directed by Sophie Peyton.
March 2018 Shooter world premiere over a big and bold 4-week run at Theaterlab (NYC), as produced by ManyTracks, directed by Katrin Hilbe and starring a who’s-who of the off-Broadway scene.
March 2018 Don’t Hang Up performance at CA Lutheran University, as directed by Christine Dauzat.
March 2018 Horny Bastards, my new play about rhino poaching in Africa, presented at The Guthrie (MPLS) as produced by Conservation Beyond Borders and directed by Leah Cooper.
April 2018 Modern Prophet workshop performance at The Directors Company (NYC) as produced by Between Us Production and directed by Kristen Keim.
April/May 2018 Bliss, my new play about the ethics of treating opioid addiction, premieres as a Living Room Tour for Swandive Theatre’s 2018 mainstage season, as directed by Damon Runnals, in Minneapolis.
July 2018 My writing included in 50 Ways… the all-new collection performance show premiering at Capital Fringe 2018 in Washington, D.C., as directed by Mahayana Landowne and produced by Samir Bitar.
Jan 2018 We’re off to the crystal coast of North Carolina as The Seamaster, my new set-specific play for performance directly on the Bogue Sound, premieres at the helm of Seven Stories Theater Company, as directed by Joey Madia.
Dec 2017 Don’t Hang Up performance at The Cave Theatre at Ball State University as directed by Talon Cooper.
Dec 2017 Don’t Hang Up also receiving staged performance at Texas A&M University as directed by Victoria Puentes.
Nov 2017 Yours truly teaching another class-o-fun at The Playwrights Center (MPLS). Register for this already, would ya’?
Sept 2017 My new play mONSTER produced by the amazing talent from Swandive Theatre as part of their 2017 mainstage season! Directed by Meg DiSciorio. At the Southern Theater (MPLS).
Jan 2017 My new play Shooter receiving a presented read by Workshop Theater (NYC) as directed by Katrin Hilbe via the Sundays@Six series. I’ll be in the literal house at Workshop Theater’s space on W 36th.
Feb 2017 The Future of Office Sex appearing at The Players Theatre (NYC) as part of their annual short play festival lineup. Good, steamy and sexy theater fun in the heart of the Village.
April 2017 Don’t Hang Up appearing at the Take Ten Festival (NYC) as produced by Between Us Productions and directed by Bethany Sharp.
May 2017 Love, Tonight, a full evening of my short plays dealing with relationships, sexual identity and romance, runs May 19-27 at The Phoenix theater (MPLS). Love, Tonight is produced by Jenna Papke and the incredible team at Arts Nest as an education and work experience vehicle for younger, emerging artists. While it’s nice to have your plays performed it’s even nicer to help others advance their dream of working in the theater. More details as we get closer to May!
June 2017 Modern Prophet featured at the annual Veggie Stock summer play festival as produced by Swandive Theatre.
Sept 2016 Yours truly teaching an extended two-day seminar o’ fun at The Playwrights’ Center. Bring an idea, a character, and your very best crazy and prepare to weave your next 10-minute play.
July 2016 Detainee receiving its NYC premiere as produced by Between Us Productions, directed by Samantha Manas, and with performances at NY Theater Workshop’s Fourth Street Theater.
July 2016 Shooter excerpt showcase at the annual TEASE 2016 event, as produced by Little Lifeboats, with performance (and fun after-party) at The Phoenix Theater, Minneapolis, MN.
August 2016 Lottery Play NYC premiere at the New York Theater Festival, with all performances at the Hudson Guild Theater, as directed by Victoria Grazioli from Original Binding Productions.
April 2016 Good Corporate Citizen makes its NYC premiere as part of the Take Ten Festival as produced by Between Us Productions, directed by Vincent Scott, with performances at the 13th Street Repertory Theatre.
April 2016 Everything’s Free! world premiere as part of Mission Theatre Company’s 2016 season! A fun new play about the strange world of credit cards. Everything will be free except the ticket prices.
January 2016 Yours truly teaching another seminar o’ fun at The Playwrights’ Center. Bring an idea, a character, and your very best crazy and prepare to weave your next 10-minute play.
January 2016 The Field Guide to Mating NYC premiere! Get thee to the Hudson Guild Theatre, the heart of the Manhattan! The show will be part of the Venus/Adonis Festival. Prepare to be mated.
February 2016 Push-Up playing the 2016 Equity Library Theater Play Festival, NYC, Feb 13th at the NYPL George Bruce Auditorium in Harlem. Always a good time when part of this festival’s lineup.
December 2015 Don’t Hang Up performed at Central College (IA) as directed by Danielle Stensrud.
September 2015 Good Corporate Citizen receiving its world premiere at the annual MN Shorts Play Festival, as directed by Scott Pakudaitis. Very proud this will be my fourth play in as many years appearing at the two-night event!
September 2015 Want to learn how to format your script? Yes, you do. Yours truly teaching another glorious seminar at The Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis, MN. Get ready for an evening of headers, margins and paragraph styles. Can’t make the class? Read my clickie on the matter.
September 2015 The Future of Office Sex performed at the ‘Little Red in the Hood and other R Rated Shorts’ (oh, yeah) at The AlphaNYC Theater Company (NYC) as directed by Alice Camarota. Get ready for an evening of sweaty and salacious theater.
October 2015 To the NSA Agents Listening In On This Play will be rocking the hilarious stage as part of the Bad Theatre Fest, where theater is so bad it’s great. At least I hope I’m part of the great and not the bad?
October 2015 Push-Up to be getting all higher ed at Baruch College, NYC.
October 2015 Driving Herd also getting its higher ed mojo with performance at John Jay College, NYC.
November 2015 Yo Minneapolis! Looking for a night of theater fun? Selection Day staged read as presented by Little Lifeboats to be held at nimbus theater.
June 2015 Selection Day presented by Little Lifeboats as part of their 2015 TEASE lineup. Directed by Laura Delventhal! Honored that this is the fourth time in as many years one of my scripts is featured at TEASE hosted as always by Nimbus Theatre, Minneapolis.
July 2015 Driving Herd voted Best Play (!) at the New York’s Equity Library/Piney Fork Theater 2015 Summer Playwrighting Festival, NYC, as produced by Johnny Culver, directed by Vincent Scott and starring Juan Carlos Diaz and James Sheeley.
July 2015 Modern Prophet one of two full-lengths featured by Renegade Theater Company at their first annual New Works Festival, produced by artistic director Katy Helbacka, directed by Alex Goebel, in beautiful downtown Duluth, MN!
May 2015 Driving Herd presented at Hyde Park as part of the Abingdon Theatre Education Outreach program, Long Island, NY.
May 2015 What Happened to the Dollar opens May 21st and runs through May 30th at the at the famed off-off Broadway theater The Producer’s Club. Directed by Vincent Scott, produced by Abstract Sentiment Theatre Co. Show times and tickets here. See you in New York!
April 2015 Modern Prophet is going Hollywood! The Blank Theatre, as part of their 2015 LRS season, will be presenting a workshop performance April 27th at the 2nd Stage Theatre, as directed by June Carryl. Hope to see all my LA friends and family at the show.
March 2015 Detainee reading as part of the monthly Athena Reads series at Athena Theatre Company, New York City, directed by Veronique Ory.
January 2015 Don’t Hang Up performance by HartBeat Ensemble at the Carriage House Theater, as directed by Steve Raider-Ginsburg, Hartford, CT.

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