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Confessions of a Teenage Cat Killer

Read Full Script | PDF

confessions-of-a-teenage-cat-killer-coverimageThe cruelty of her peers isolates a teenage girl and leads her to choose her own brand of fulfillment.

Details & Production History

Random Acts of Health Care

Read Full Script | PDF

random-acts-of-healthcare-coverimage.jpgA desperate Mom seeking medical diagnosis for her sick infant enters a political satire on federal health care.

Details & Production History

The Field Guide to Mating

Read Full Script | PDF

the-field-guide-to-mating-coverimageA lonely male experiencing a long dry spell receives assistance from a Field Guide to increase chances of mating.

Details & Production History

The Future of Sincerity

Read Full Script | PDF

the-future-of-sincerity-coverimageThe future, circa 2042, when a man proposes to his girlfriend and she reveals a deep family secret.

Details & Production History

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