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Detainee-coverimageDetainee is a play about a decision — whether or not to torture a US citizen.

Lindsey is a middle-aged college professor who drives a middle-aged van and lives in a middle-aged house. She’s a middle-aged Mom with a middle-aged husband. She also has middle-aged problems, mostly stemming from her wayward teenage daughter, with whom she has a strained relationship.

Outside of home, Lindsey has another problem. The United States is reeling from a string of domestic bomb threats. But when the threats turn real, and the first bomb explodes, Lindsey is asked to return to her former identity. And ultimately Lindsey must choose between allegiance to country and the sanctity of her home.

Detainee explores the point at which society accepts torture to assure civic safety. When the state devises a political instrument to disarm violent situations, what happens to the basis of authority?

Production Details

Full-length, two act, 90 minutes
Single set

Review, The Daily Reporter, Dec 2014

  • “Everyone was completely spellbound by what they were witnessing on stage.”
  • “Took the audience to places we didn’t want to go and made us think…and think…and think again.”

Review, Curious North, Nov 2014

  • “The authenticity from each performance was what astounded me…and the script’s loaded humanity.”
  • “They had the audience captivated from the first to last word.”

Director Sabrina Lotz, Oct 2019

  • “I was looking for contemporary, topical plays with strong female characters. I found Detainee and immediately knew I wanted to direct it.”
  • “The play doesn’t give us all the answers. It makes us think, it stimulates reflection and discussion.”

July 2016, Between Us Productions, NYC


Nov 2014, Mission Theatre Company, MPLS


Oct 2019, FEST, Frankfurt, Germany


Published History

July 2015
New York, NY
Smith and Kraus, The Best Women’s Stage Monologues 2015.

Production History

June 2020, Hyde Park, NY Concert performance, The New Deal Creative Arts Center, as directed by David Perez-Ribada.
Oct 2019, Germany European premiere and mainstage performance at F.E.S.T., Frankfurt, Germany, as directed by Sabrina Lotz.
July 2016, NYC NYC premiere and mainstage performance at NY Theater Workshop’s Fourth Street Theater, as produced by Between Us Productions and directed by Samantha Mathas.
March 2015, NYC ‘Athena Reads’ monthly series by the Athena Theatre Company, directed by Veronique Ory.
December 2014, Okoboji, IA Regional premiere, the MPLS production remount run at the Pearson Lakes Art Center, as produced by Mission Theatre Company and directed by Anneliese Stuht.
November 2014 Minneapolis, MN World premiere and mainstage performance at the Phoenix Theater, as produced by Mission Theatre Company and directed by Anneliese Stuht.

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