To The NSA Agents Listening In On This Play

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to-the-nsa-agents-imageA welcoming preamble for any festival of short plays presented to a theater-loving audience.

Production Details

10 seconds
A stage

May 2014, Collaboraction, Chicago

Production History

October 2018, RI Performance at the Roger Williams One-Act Play Festival, as directed by Hayley Haggerty.
October 2015, NYC, NY Performance at the Bad Theater Fest.
May 2014, Chicago, IL Performance at the Collaboraction Sketchbook Festival, as produced by Collaboraction Productions.
January 2014, Minneapolis, MN Staged performance at the annual Raucous Caucus festival, as produced by Box Wine Theatre.
October 2013, NYC, NY Featured performance at the monthly Block & Talk series, The Producer’s Club, as produced by the Abstract Sentiment Theatre Co.

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