Sam Graber has become widely heralded as the world’s skinniest award-winning playwright.

sam-graber-headshotHis plays have been staged in some shape or form by Mission Theatre (MN), Abingdon Theatre (NYC), Seven Stories Theatre (NC), Between Us Productions (NYC), Box Wine Theatre (NYC), Blank Theatre (CA), Seven Collective (NYC), Warner Theatre (CT), Upstage Theatre (TX), Pulp Stage (OR), Mildred’s Umbrella (TX), City Theatre of Independence (MO), Driftwood Players (WA), Venture Theatre (MT), Love Creek Productions (NYC), Collaboraction (IL), HartBeat Ensemble (CT), Renegade Theater (MN), Little Lifeboats (MN), AlphaNYC Theater (NYC), New York Theater Festival (NYC), Equity Library Theatre (NYC), Swandive Theatre (MN), Arts Nest (MN), Abstract Sentiment Theatre (NYC), Players Theatre (NYC) and The Workshop Theater (NYC).

Meanwhile, he lives outside Minneapolis where the temperature is currently 406 degrees colder than wherever you are. He resides there with a wife, two kids and a half-working iPad which means that he is, at best, the fifth most important thing in his house.

His play Modern Prophet was awarded to The Broadway Black List as one of the Top 10 unproduced plays in NYC. He used to joke that the NEA had him blacklisted but now that he got awarded to an actual (and amazing) Black List he can’t make that joke anymore. Other plays of his have received nice awards, too. If anyone cares.

He teaches classes at The Playwrights’ Center. His work has been published by Smith & Kraus, Original Works and Dramatic Publishing.

His mother wants him to eat more.

You can find his favorite website here.

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