Selection Day

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Selection Day-coverimageIn the very near future, the best of the best college-bound students are selected for the Future Leader of America. Athletes, inventors and teen overachievers consider selection the ultimate honor.

Four young students from four different backgrounds arrive at the testing center. And they soon discover this is no ordinary selection.

A play about Big Data and people you don’t know who want to know everything about you.

Production Details

Theater For Young Audiences
Full-length, two act, 85 minutes
Single set

July 2015, TEASE, staged showcase

Selection Day
Selection Day

Sep 2014, The Driftwood Players, staged read

Selection Day
Selection Day

Production History

Nov 2015, Minneapolis, MN Staged Reading as produced by Little Lifeboats at the nimbus theater.
July 2015, Minneapolis, MN Staged showcase at the 2015 TEASE annual festival of new works, as produced by Little Lifeboats, directed by Laura Delventhal, and hosted by Nimbus Theater.
September 2014 Edmonds, WA Staged reading produced by The Driftwood Players at the Wade James theater, First Draft! new play reading series, as directed by David Alan Morrison.

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